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We are committed to serving you and your family with gentle & effective chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture and naturopathic medicine. 



With 17 years in the healing profession, Dr. Jen Wilhelm brings a confident, warm professional presence inherent in the care she provides.  She started ALIVE Chiropractic Wellness Center in the San Francisco Bay area in 2006 after receiving her doctorate degree Life West Chiropractic College.

Dr. Wilhelm has a full spectrum approach, from gentle subtle care to the traditional Chiropractic adjustments - done with honor and finesse. No matter your age or condition, she can help you heal and be your best. 

She has a special interest in pregnancy and pediatric care, because she has seen what an impact trauma can have if left uncared for later in life. She is certified by the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) in the Webster Technique (for Breech Presentation of babies). She studied with Arno Burnier & Dr. Ogi Ressel; Chiropractic Pediatric Specialists & was a primary staff member for MLS Seminars; teaching the mastery of Chiropractic Adjusting worldwide.

Her background as a massage therapist, yoga teacher, athlete and martial artist allows her to tune into the body, gently release the tension through the chiropractic adjustment. Through service, with love & wisdom… she opens possibilities for her patients to attain all of their health goals & beyond.

Dr. Wilhelm cares for her patients through gentle & effective chiropractic approaches. BGI (Bio-Geometrical Integration) is a powerful method of restoring healthy tone of the nervous system through gentle touch. She also provides osseous adjustments in which you may hear a sound with finesse & ease. Dr. Wilhelm may use many techniques in her repository; Activator, Drop Table, SOT, Diversified, CBP, Motion Palpation Institute & Network Chiropractic are to name a few. She also loves working with sports injuries includes those to the ribcage, shoulder, arms and lower body & helping athletes perform at their peak potential.

Her life path has brought her to the in depth study of meditation with Swami Chetanananda at The Movement Center in Portland, Oregon. It is a tremendous gift & blessing for her to serve the community through Chiropractic, changing lives… one adjustment, one life & one spine at a time.


I graduated with a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon in 1987, and have more than 22 years experience in private practice. 

My focus is on general orthopedic care for back pain. I also treat extremity problems of the shoulder, forearm/wrist, knee, and ankle/foot. Most extremity pain is not injury related but occurs due to micro-stress from muscle tension and abnormal biomechanical motion and responds well to mobilization techniques. I also work with Image Labs in making custom neutral casting orthotics that help with foot support and control which can reduce stress on the foot, knees, and hips. 

My treatment philosophy emphasizes a whole body approach. The spine is the key integrative structure in the body and it is important to evaluate it in its entirety. I also put a great deal of importance on stretching and exercise. Long term stability, almost without exception, comes from strength and flexibility. Most pain syndromes are associated with muscle weakness causing skeletal instability, joint dysfunction, inflammation, and pain. Chiropractic adjustments are very effective at restoring joint range-of-motion, which will rapidly reduce tissue inflammation, however, it is imperative that you follow treatment with a rehabilitation program aimed at rebuilding strength and maintaining flexibility. I will show you what stretches and exercises are important for your specific problem and how to do them correctly.

I am also very interested in nutrition and its role in our health and well-being. Nutrition is a constantly changing science as new studies emerge and are challenged. Nutraceuticals and Glycobiology have been the focus of my research. I am happy to discuss with you your questions and concerns, and share the insights I have gained over the years. This website also includes numerous articles evaluating the role of supplements.



Eirik began studying Eastern Philosophy and practicing the martial and yogic arts at a young age, and these experiences have deeply influenced the course of his life. He has been training martial arts, practicing qigong and taiji, and studying the foundational principles of Chinese Medicine for over 25 years. He is the founder of Healing Dao Acupuncture and Wellness clinic - offering treatment with Classical Chinese Medicine, lifestyle and dietary modification, as well as movement and Nature Connection therapy. 

His practice and healing approach is based on a holistic understanding of the relationships between human beings and the natural world – in both healing and dis-ease. His treatment philosophy is aimed at helping to bring each patient into greater balance and harmony within themselves and their communities. Placing great importance on lifestyle and dietary aspects, his unique treatments focus on both classical Chinese and Japanese needling skills coupled with the traditional therapies of tuina bodywork, external & internal herbal therapies, moxabustion, orthopedic cupping and gua sha techniques – as well as utilizing modern applications such as electrical stimulation and infrared heat therapies.

Along with a general practice of internal medicine, effectively treating an assortment of health issues including digestion disorders, addiction, immune system weaknesses, circulation, hypertension and heart disease, chronic fatigue, emotional problems, insomnia, headache and muscle aches, arthritis, sciatica, poor vision, stroke, infertility, PMS, fibroids, asthma, back pain, and sinus and neck problems - Eirik also has a special interest in Orthopedic Acupuncture and Sports Medicine Traumatology. Today the use of acupuncture for Pain Management and traumatic injuries is a widely accepted treatment modality, and Eirik's focus while treating the root cause of pain is directed towards a systemic healing of the body and regaining function through tissue repair and functional rehabilitation, improved joint bio-mechanics and stability, and increased muscle strength and function through proprioceptive movement therapy - not simply the suppression of pain signals.



kelly prill, N.d.

Dr. Kelly Prill's mission is to provide education about your health. She believes that the more you understand, the more motivating it is to make changes. She empowers you to take on new challenges to thrive and eliminate symptoms preventing you from living life to the fullest.

Her passion is the brain and believes that a neck down approach to disease is limited. Her ultimate goal is to guide you to feel clear and vital so that you may go out and make your positive difference in the world. She is currently working on her fellowship to become a functional neurologist.

Her personal experience of health has taught her the importance of balance, and knowing that we can make these difficult changes with the right information and support. Holding the philosophy of getting to the root of the problem, while providing you with tools for the rest of your life, she teaches prevention is a natural approach to health. 

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Sage Rood received her massage therapy license from the Florida School of Massage in Gainesville Florida in 2002. She is also completed a Sports Massage Therapy program the same year graduating with over 1,200 hours. Her fascination with the body and its ability to adapt and change lead her to study exercise science and women’s health. With a BS degree in women’s studies and women’s health from Towson University, she found myself working with female athletes in Baltimore, MD. 

After maintaining a private practice for years in Baltimore, she moved went on to work for the University of Florida traveling and providing sports massage for their division I athletes. This was an exhilarating job full of priceless experience working with such elite athletes. With so many of UF athletes that are Olympians, she found herself moving on to work with the USA Swim team and attended the Olympic Trials of 2008. Working with athletes 24/7 propelled her to acquire a Personal Functional Training certification. She began teaching for the Florida School of Massage as a Connective Tissue, Anatomy and Physiology, and CPR instructor.

She has been a practicing Doula since 2006 and am now currently attending Birthingway College of Midwifery.

She also studied Sensory Motor Psychotherapy for Bodyworkers and practice the Hakomi method. When she is not working passionately her my massage practice and absorbed in my academic studies, you can find her climbing, hiking with her dog, surfing and playing music.

LMT #20001


Kate Kelly

Kate began her wellness training in 2001 and became certified by World School of Massage in San Francisco, CA, with an emphasis in Deep Massage, Cranial Sacral, Pregnancy Massage, and Vibrational Massage Therapy. In 2003 she moved to the east coast and worked as a massage therapist for Good Life Chiropractic in Vineland, NJ, and dedicated the rest of her time to learning Vipassana Meditation and Yoga.

In 2005, Kate moved to Austin, TX and received an additional certification from A New Beginning School of Massage, and had an opportunity to work at Austin Bodyworks Therapy Center, a facility dedicated to providing advanced clinical massage. It was here that Kate began to learn the art and science of Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR), as taught by John Barnes, PT, and also gained additional training in Active Isolated Stretching, PNF, and Kinesio Taping. She opened her own practice in 2008 under the name Earth and Water Massage, and specialized in neck pain,TMJ disorders, headaches, rotator cuff, low back, sciatica, and Achilles pain.

In 2013, Kate moved back to the Bay Area where she accepted a position at Bay Club San Francisco, a premier sports club in the heart of the Financial District. Her clientele consisted mainly of professional and amateur athletes, weekend warriors, and those confined to a computer desk for many hours a day. Here she became well versed in repetitive strain injury (RSI), and began her independent studies in functional movement and sports massage. She was also the resident massage therapist for Swirl, Inc., providing biweekly table and chair massage for company employees.

Kate moved to Portland in 2016, and is now a Licensed Massage Therapist and Chiropractic Assistant. She is excited to be working along side Dr. Wilhelm and the team at Kerns Wellness, and to provide you with quality care. When not at the office, you will likely find her running, doing CrossFit, or practicing yoga.

LMT #22806 CA #7517