Many of the issues we deal with as adults have their roots in childhood. 


My experience as a doctor is that people reside in one of three states: Reaction, prevention or cultivation. Once we have an injury, pain or illness... it is costly. Time, money energy. Isn't it? We help you recover from trauma and go beyond prevention into cultivation. We help people become the very best they can and want to be! 

That's also why we focus on kids. We all were children once. We all have had  thousands of injuries that our bodies have coped and compensated for quite well for the most part. Then, we have our most recent insult to injury. We tend to think it is the sole reason for our discomfort. This is not the whole picture. It is absolutely not normal to live with chronic pain, stress & sickness... no matter the age. Common, yes. There is another way. Cultivation of the most important part of you: your spinal cord and nervous system. Because, it controls what? Yes, The whole body.