Screw It - Let's Glue It

Life goes on, day by day... we don't notice all the different ways that our amazing body compensates and copes for the accumulative demands and traumas of life. Then, one day we wake up and we look in the mirror... Maybe we seem shorter, or slouched over or we that we have a hump on our back!? How did that happen? It seemed overnight. I see it everyday. People come in all the time with areas of their body that are getting glued together. The reality is if the body can't heal it on its own, it says: "Screw it - let's glue it".

This is the bodies intelligence encapsulating dis-ease to reserve resources for health. Did you know that it only takes 24 hours for scar tissue to form? Our incredible human physiology is constantly growing and forming over time. We are not mechanical (like a car) we are dynamical (like a star) taking in energy from our total experience. Completely & totally dynamic. The deal is we have to do things on a daily basis that remodel or design our being. We have undo what is or has been done. If you have a hump forming on your back, you have to undo it. We have the ability to *remodel* our body.

We may think "I need exercise more..." Well, yes. It certainly is going to take our own individual effort to change our body, and at the same time, we have to take take a step back and look at what actually gives our body its nourishment and ability to change. What controls our body? The brain and  the nervous system. It controls.... absolutely everything. All nourishment, communication and coordination occurs first and foremost within and from the nervous system. All growth, all chemical processes, all conduction  from the brain through the spinal cord to the body depends on the ability of free flowing nerve impulses. 

Mother Nature completely enclosed the brain and spinal cord in bone... Why? Because it is the single most important tissue in the human being!

Every single human being has had trauma after trauma. Thousands. From birth, as a child falling, car accidents, repetitive stress, you name it. Mostly, we remember the last insult, when in reality, there has been so many that we can not even begin to recount. 

Our body stores this information. For better or for worse. Which is more important? Heart function or the use of your hand? The body has to prioritize. That's its job. Every injury is linked into the spine. It's all connected. The body will compensate. Health is flow, flow of the fluids, blood, lymph and nerve impulses. If there is flow, there is life. Tone is another word that the original chiropractors used. Tone is vibration or a flux of the impulses of the vital force or life in the physiological tissues in a human being. This force is what animates the living, the difference between life and death. 

The loss of tone, or flow because our physiology is primarily a fluid environment, causes dis-ease.  Loss of flexibility caises our tissues to become hard, then bloodflow and nerve flow are compromised. If further crystallization of the tissue tissues occur,  energy cannot be conducted.

Restoration of the tonicity, motion and fluidity of the tissue must be restored. Look at a little newborn baby. Fluid as a water balloon. Then, pat your grandpa on his back (hard as a wall).  Fluidity, motion is life. This is what *normally* happens as you get into your 40's, 50's and 60's, right? Common -yes.... Normal - absolutely not. 

I had an aha moment in chiropractic school. In cadaver lab, all of the bodies were donated from Stanford University. They were said to have died from "natural causes".While opening up the abdomen, taking out the organs, thinking I would finally see the spine, what I actually found was literally at least 3 inches of caked up, glued up scar tissue over the entire surface of the spine. There is absolutely no way nerve energy could conduct through that. people didnt die from natural cause, they died from a common cause.

Because the spne is the center of the body, motion must originate for the center. Chiropractic specifically restores the flow, then we can do our best, daily... to move our bodies from a place of integrity and alignment. It's all about the flow of life.