Dr. Jen is the most kind and compassionate chiropractor I have ever seen. Her structural and energetic awareness is absolutely brilliant.  My whole family is treated by Dr. Jen: so much love and appreciation! -Margo S.


So, I badly needed my neck adjusted. I have always had a love/hate relationship with getting my neck cracked. I love how I feel after. My headache is gone. I hate how I feel right before. I get seriously nervous. I sweat, squirm, heart starts racing, and I seriously tense up. Getting my neck adjusted has not been a pleasant experience for me, to say the least. Not until I met Dr. Jen Wilhelm. First, her warmth disarmed me. Her quiet talk and palpations while preparing me put me completely at ease. Once she determined, that yes, indeed my neck needed to be adjusted, she kept talking in soothing tones. I said, "I get really nervous having my neck cracked."  She keeps palpating my neck. massaging me, moving from this point to another, we chat about this and that, I think she is still trying to determine exactly what to do...but then, in a blink "crack!" She had completely faked me out! I never had time to get anxious or tense up. It was completely easy and painless and smooth. Not only that, because I didn't tense up during the adjustment, the adjustment held for a long time. My headache issue was resolved. I've seen Dr. Jen several times since for this tweek or that tweek, and each time her swift, soft and exact skill fake me out. Each time she has managed to keep me relaxed. Dr. Jen Wilhelm is the first chiropractor whose visits I now look forward to. I feel 100% trust in her skills and approach. I now have a love/love relationship with getting adjusted, because of her. I highly recommend her to anyone. Monica O.


After a bike accident I had an elbow injury that seriously affected my daily life. Dr. Willhelm's work with my back and neck helped with a speedy recovery during physical therapy, and each visit left me feeling completely light and relaxed. Definitely would recommend her to any friends who are recovering from injuries.-Margeret P.


Dr. Wilhelm is a warm, caring, welcoming, and wonderful person with the most amazing hands. She is extremely sensitive to a person's needs when performing an adjustment and knows when and how to approach each area for treatment. Her presence is very soothing and sets up the perfect environment for receiving healing work. She'll make recommendations for stretches and strengthening to help you hold an adjustment as well. Love her style of chiropractic care and can't recommend her highly enough! -Michelle V.


I have been a patient here for a while. Dr. Jen is a great chiropractor and cares about her patients overall well being. She is passionate about both helping her patients as well as educating them so they can be at optimal health. -Karen P.


Dr. Jen's empathic, compassionate, with a perfect dose of humor, approach, makes her practice simply sing.  Patients come and go effortlessly through the treatment room to receive care.  I love her community-centered style with three treatment tables in one room and a fourth in an enclosed space for private intakes and evaluations.  I find that what's so healing about Dr. Jen's work is that it's equal parts community, education, and adjustments.  She may be offering suggestions or tips to the patient next to me that apply for me as well - we all benefit from the shared knowledge.  


I started seeing Dr. Jen about a year ago for upper back tension.  At the time she was fine-tuning her practice and incorporating more X-rays (if you want them, and I suggest you do!) and comprehensive neuromuscular evaluations of each patient.  I sincerely appreciate the precision of these additions.  This enabled her to determine a complete treatment plan that would really address the root of my issues as opposed to guess what may be misaligned.  


Dr. Jen is very flexible and realistic about working with you with her suggested treatment plan.  She empowers you with information and then lets you choose when is right for you to get started, if it's something you want to do.  I imagine this approach generates a very loyal client base.  Certainly seems like it, as over time I have seen some familiar faces, babies and families included.  


I sincerely recommend Dr. Jen as an effective, highly skilled, experienced doctor of chiropractic.  Not only have the initial discomforts that brought me in to the office gone away, I've noticed a more finely tuned sense of well-being.  I barely ever catch colds anymore, and anxiety that I didn't realize I had is much more manageable.  Every issue I have brought to Dr. Jen always seems within her reach.  If you're looking for a chiropractor or want to try someone new, see her soon!  Her office manager, Lacey, is just as awesome too. -Diana K


I have been seeing Dr. Jen, who is sadly leaving CA, for over a year. She is my miracle worker! I get Monthly migraines that are much much more painful than even childbirth (I know, I've done 2 naturally). My symptoms have improved, and she and the new chiropractors cure any migraines I get whenever I come in with one. Moreover, they drop everything to see me if I get pain. Even more: the amazing office manager watches my 2 children, while running the office, for over an hour sometimes! Dr Brett, Dr Melissa, and especially the incredible Dr Jen are my life savers! -Megan


I have been to quite a few chiropractors over the years- ranging from amazing to down right scary. When I moved to the east bay I tried a few places before deciding on Dr. Jen. Even after my first appt I knew I had found the right place . Dr.Jen was friendly and warm and could answer all my questions and explain to me what the course of action for my on going low back pain. That was probably six months ago and I can't even remember the last time my low back hurt. Since then I broke my foot (at which time Jen saw me immediately even though it was get day off) and got in a car accident. Through all of this Dr.Jen has been amazing and I am constantly recommending her to friends. -Ayala K.


I was in a car accident about ten years ago and recently began experiencing pain in my neck and arms.  Since beginning treatment at Alive Chiropractic, I virtually experience no pain and have noticed a positive difference in my overall health.  I've been a patient with Dr. Jen for almost three years now and highly recommend her to others.  She and her staff are very professional and knowledgeable about chiropractic care.  Alive Chiropractic is helping me "readjust" my life and health. -Tynisa Z.


As a woman playing in an coed soccer league I get banged-up on a regular basis.   Dr. Jen has been putting me back together for almost two years now.  A couple weeks ago I hyper-extended my knee and could barely walk.  I was devastated!  I had just made plans to go dancing and didn't want to cancel.  I went to see Dr. Jen for my regular appointment.  I told her about my dancing dreams thinking she would be able to help, but I wasn't expecting any miracles.  She adjusted me, showed me an exercise to pump the blood out of my swollen knee, gave me some instructions on soaking and icing, and sent me off.  And yes, a week later I was salsa dancing in time for Cinco de Mayo!  Dr. Jenn is not only an amazing chiropractor and born healer, but she's also my fairy godmother!  Next time I'll ask for a pumpkin carriage too! -Violette B.


I have dealt with pretty moderate back pain for years now. I was always hesitant to go to a chiropractor. After 8 months of consistant  pain I listened to my girlfriend and went with her. My back has not felt this good in years! What the heck was I waiting for? Dr. Jen made me feel very comfortable and welcome since day one. They have extensive knowledge in their field, and I now look forward to going and getting adjusted. -Nick B.


I've been seeing Dr. Jen for a few months now for neck and shoulder pain. I notice one day when I woke up in the morning I realized I don't have the familiar pain I used to get every morning when I wake up.  Not only did my neck and should pain subsides tremendously, Dr. Jen also fix my wrist pain which I found out  was originally caused by my shoulder issue.  She is such an AMAZING healer.  I am so grateful and thankful for her in putting me back in alignment.  


I believe in preventative care and having regular adjustment not only physically aligned my body but also my emotional state.  I absolutely a fan of Dr. Jen. -Karen C.


Dr. Jen rocks! If you are looking for holistic care that extends far beyond spinal adjustments, Alive is the place for you. The office is run by vibrant women who support and educate the community's through gentle alignments and free educational talks. I usually see Dr. Jen and have been very happy with the care she has provided. For those of you out there thinking about chiropractic care, but are hesitant, or have never tried it before (trust me I know how you feel), this is a great office to experience your first chiropractic adjustment. Just go. You won't be disappointed :-)  -Lily S


I started coming here after a recommendation from a friend of mine that I train with at my Muay Thai gym. Chiropractic care has been a part of my life on and off for many years but only since coming here have I started using it regularly as a tool to keep my body free from injury (or at least put it back in order when I do mess it up). Dr. Jen is a wonderful and skillful practitioner and are great at really getting to know your body and how you use it in your life, what issues you commonly experience and how to adjust you so that you're back in tip top shape. She also is not shy about telling me when I need to take a quick break from training (running, weights, kickboxing) and let my body heal. I've been coming here bi-monthly for over a year and the care I receive here is an invaluable tool to keep me feeling great in my body. -Joanna W


After two years of receiving care, I'm still a huge fan. Dr. Jen has been fantastic to me weather I've come to see her in major pain or if something just feels slightly "off" a visit with her always puts me right. Her location is wonderful and the office is so warm and friendly. I'm so lucky to have found her! -Meta K


Jenn has been so wonderful for me and my baby boy, Marcello. I started going to the chiropractor regularly during my pregnancy to help with lower back pain. I feel really lucky to have found Jen here in the east bay. She is helping me get my strength back, and stay fully functioning even with all the funny things I do to my body while caring for my son. He loves getting adjusted too! The office is super welcoming of me bring him, weather or not he gets adjusted, which makes it soo much easier for me! I always feel so good going in there! And it is way more affordable then other chiropractors, wich is great!! I couldn't be happier!! -Audrey


I have been to a few chiropractors in the area and Dr. Jen is the best.  Not only does she do great adjustments of my spine, hips, feet, etc., she also keeps in mind my energy flow, my emotions, my diet, my fitness, etc. She is very holistic in their approach, which I love.The office is beautiful and the energy of the whole place is great.  Jen also does a lot of great work for people in need...Jen is going to Brazil soon.  She is a quality woman, out to make the world a better place, one spine at a time. -Jennifer A

I started going to Dr. Jen at the suggestion of a friend who was greatly helped (my friend had basically broken the arch of her foot and she helped her get her foot and life back!). I had been suffering from general back pain caused from poor posture and office life, and felt like I was in a rut. I had also never been to a chiropractor and didn't know what to expect. I had a great first assessment with Jen - we had an interview and she adjusted me that first day, and I've never looked back!  After a month of intensive (read: twice a week) adjustments and now weekly ones, I have felt a huge increase in my quality of life.  My back pain has all but disappeared and my nervous system feel so vibrant - this may be corny, but going has really made me appreciate being alive!  I feel much more in tune with my body, my posture has notably improved, and my energy has increased too.  I also attended a few of the free classes that Jen offers along with chiropractic care - I am now a firm believer in the foam rolling my back daily - it's like a daily self-adjustment!  One of Jen's core strengths is her eagerness and willingness to share her training and expertise - how many medical professionals give you this level of insight into your treatment? Jen's approach is holistic but also realistic - she emphasizes that retraining your body with adjustments is difficult and takes time, and that life's external pressures can affect the course of treatment.  Overall, I'm very happy with the health care I've received here and trust Jen as my chiropractor.  I'm glad to have taken this step and look forward to a future with a healthy happy back and nervous system! -Thomas C


I've been to some good chiropractors over many years, and I think Jen Wilhelm is truly exceptional. She doesn't just treat the symptom, but is addressing the root cause so that my overall vitality is being restored. It is also the most beautiful and pleasant chiropractic office I've ever been in. -Joie S.


I started seeing Dr Jen almost 6 months ago. I respect and appreciate her so much! I basically came in to her crawling (back spasms, bulged disc) and she not only got me walking again but has shown more commitment to my recovery than I ever expected from a service provider. As someone who has had chronic pain for 8+ years and seen handfuls of practitioners, she was the first one that ever explained the difference to me between symptom management (which is what all my previous chiros had been doing) and retracing my body back though my history of injuries to address/resolve underlying issues. In 8+ years, she was the first to encourage me to get x-rays and explained to me what was really happening in my spine and in my body. It is obvious that she is dedicated to the complete wellness of me and all of her clients and also that she really knows her stuff. I have sent a couple friends to her already with similar raves. i forgot to mention she also sees pregnant women and babies. i've never been so inspired than when i've watched her make crying babies stop crying with the most subtle of adjustments.. -Beja A.


When I first came, I had such bad knee and back pain that normal activities like sitting at my desk and walking were constantly painful. She straightened all that out, and has saved me from all the physical abuse I heap on myself a million times since. A lot of places may pay lip service to a holistic approach to health and wellness. They're all funny and lively and are full of excellent advice. Not only do they take care of my bones but they've inspired me to take better care of myself, which was no small feat.-Emily J


Jen helped me to overcome most of my chronic pain in the shoulder, back and neck after three months of consistent care. Most importantly, they have given me a fresh perspective on pain, wellness and treatment. Each visit is like a special weekly treat.  I would say that her practice is a sanctuary for people who are actively working towards an integrated approach to health. -Jo S.


I started going because of lifelong back and neck issues. I felt a difference after the first adjustment. I love that the treatments are holistic, and that they really seem to care about you. On one of my visits I went in and as soon as Jen started to assess my spine she told me she felt something different in my spine that she hadn't felt before, and she kept making a "hmm" sort of noise. I turned onto my back and told her I was pregnant, and I swear she knew. She could feel it in my bones! :) love the office, love how I feel! -Lina Z


I've been going to Dr. Jen Wilhelm for years and she is a very skilled and loving doctor. It is easy to see the benefits of regular chiropractic care in my own general health and wellbeing as well as my baby's. I recommend her services for family care. She has been particularly helpful with the transition through pregnancy and into new motherhood. Jennifer has pulled me out of some wicked illnesses just before they got bad. She helped me bring my baby through a nasty ear infection without the use of antibiotics. The list goes on... Oh, yes. The details. The office is comfortable. The adjusting times are open and flexible.The front desk staff is great. An added bonus: she sees babies! - Anne S.


The most awesome chiropractic care! I immediately feel relaxed when I lay on the table and listen to the quiet music. Dr. Jen is truly amazing, gentle, and caring. She is the best chiropractor I have been to! -Kim W.


On two separate occasions they saved me from debilitating pain.  About three months ago I threw my back out in yoga class.  Without even thinking, I hobbled to my car and drove over the see Dr Jen.  This was a Saturday and she wasn't even supposed to be working.   Luckily she was there and adjusted me on the spot.  Within two days the pain had diminished and after my second adjustment three days later, I was perfect. The second occasion happened just last week.  I twisted my ankle  while running and was unable to walk the pain was so bad.  Dr. Jen adjusted me & gave my husband thorough instructions on how to care for my bum ankle.  Mandatory foot massages were involved ;)  Less than 24 hours after my adjustment, I was able to put pressure on my foot and even walk.  It was seriously a miracle.  I highly recommend Dr. Jen. They are truly gifted and I am so grateful to have found them! -Jamie G.


This place is amazing. I had an awful experience with chiropractic in the past and avoided it like the plague for over 10 years. I was more than willing to go for massage but there are things massage therapists just can't do such as readjust spines. This place does have an overly spiritually hippy healer vibe to it which isn't usually my forte by Dr. Jen has a magic gift. After only a few weeks of weekly adjustments my back and neck feel 100% more flexible and open. A feeling that really can't be described in words. If you are having any hesitations about chiropractic as a healing medicine or have had bad experiences in the past like me. This place is you answer. Check it out, you'll probably get addicted.  -Elyse W


It was a coincidental accident that I happen to come across Jennifer, she had gotten a flat tire on her bike and needed a ride back to her neighborhood.  Being that I also work in the health and wellness field (personal trainer), we had something in common!  For being a good samaritan, she offered to do a free adjustment on me.  During the initial consultation, I listened quietly to what she had to say about my body.  I was quite impressed with her knowledge and assessment overall.  She's a lovely person and is amazing with her holistic chiropractic adjustments.  After the first visit, my body was in a euphoric state! Thank you so much for caring about my body! -Nyrene H.


I have been receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Jen since the day she opened, and prior to that I was fortunate enough to experience her care as a massage therapist (sorry, she's no longer seeing massage clients).  She has always had an intuitive healing touch - and a real gift for connecting with what's going on in your body. I've had the chance to witness her skills solidify, and her natural healing talent be enhanced by her continuing professional training in the field.  Two fantastic things about Jen's method of care are the fact that she makes it a priority to educate you about your health, and that she doesn't allow you to slack off in your self-care regimen.  Alive offers really great packages for regular clients to help you with consistency of care.  I know they also take insurance, but I don't have any right now so I don't know the details on this.  The environment is warm and loving.  Community is emphasized, which I love.  It really feels like dropping by a good friend's house.  During the recent flu epidemic, I went to see Jennifer after about 5 days of suffering the worst illness I've had in years.  My body was miserable, every joint swollen and achy.  The two treatments I had (two days apart) were some of the best I've ever had.  I really experienced a complete shift in my body as the work Jen did allowed my body to move on with healing itself. - Kameshavari


After several  years of back and neck pain, I finally had enough, thanks to yelp found Dr Jen. Please know I'd never been to a chiropractor, nor did ever have a desire to even try. It's now been a couple of months of treatment and I'm hooked, and from day one I felt 100% better, and more aware of my body. Dr Jen is honest, calm, understanding, sweet, and explained each and everything that I should expect. This is not what I thought chiropractic treatment would be like at all. I feel amazing, thanks Dr Jen.  My world is new, calm and aware, and I can't imagine life without ALIVE. -Laura M.


I have been going to Dr. Jen for over 3 years , on and off. I struggle with ulnar nerve compression, neck problems and severe pain and numbness in the arms and hands. I have also seen a hand/arm surgeon. Surgery and steroid shots were the next step, but too scary and invasive. Dr. Jen is amazing! When I take the time to get adjusted on a regular basis, I feel really good, pain free and able to use my hands fully. It is no fun to ask my kids to tie my shoelaces! Dr. Jen offers a Zen like experience . Three years ago, I thought chiropractic care was quackery, but the only time I have suffered from acute pain was when I did not get adjusted on a regular basis. -Ana N.


Dr. Jenn is the best Chiropractor I've had. I've had back problems for over ten years (and I'm not even thirty yet)! Dr. Jen is very gentle, sweet, caring, and can tune into my body and it's problem areas. Since I've been seeing her for the past year I've felt my best. She's also taught me reasonable exercises to do at home and at work to keep the pain away...and they're really effective! I truly appreciate and am grateful for the care she gives. I was referred and have been referring her to others that love and value her as well. 


For the people who are scared of being adjusted, she is super gentle and always makes sure your comfortable before making a move. THANKS Dr. Jenn!!! -Jodie S.


Dr. Wilhelm is a skilled practitioner who has helped me enormously to restore my back to good health. Her holistic approach and confidence in treating me gave me the courage to overcome my hesitation in trying chiropractic treatment. Please visit Dr. Wilhelm and see if her skillful, positive, friendly approach will restore you to optimal health, too.


Having never tried chiropractic care before I was unsure as to what I could expect.  Dr. Jen is a caring, professional chiropractor.  Not only are the adjustments gentle and effective they also offer free classes on Spinal Care to help your adjustments last longer.  In addition to great care, their space is very nicely designed and fosters an atmosphere of well-being.  I highly recommend this business to all yelpers looking for a great chiropractor. -Matthew C.


Jennifer took care of me throughout my pregnancy and helped me out during my labor.  Through her I discovered that my chronic, nausea inducing headaches were actually a byproduct of misalignments in my neck and mid-back. She is intuitive, caring, and an incredibly talented healer.  And a great decorator too!  The atmosphere in her office is amazing - the setting alone makes me automatically relax.  And it's also kid friendly! Another plus - she's surrounded herself with such a great community of patients, other practitioners, and friends.  Wonderful place to get chiro work done. -Jagadamba


How do I love thee, let me count the ways.....attention spans and time, etc. being what they are, I'll keep it brief (relatively).  Jen is amazing!  Chiropractic medicine is something I've been wanting and knowing I need in my life for a while now (Although I had no idea the affects would be so miraculous!  Doing truly is believing).   I didn't have a lot of pain when I started - I just wanted to help to slow the aging process, get help moving the energy in my body, and generally feel more alive now (help my body heal itself) and help to ensure that I maintain a fantastic quality of life until I pass.  I am a jeweler and so I spend a lot of my time hunched over - I knew I needed help with getting the tension out of my upper back and to strengthen that area of my body.  My moods are so balanced now, I am able to handle all of the stress in my life with composure and with a full, bright mind.  Because I didn't have a lot of pain in my body (that I recognized), the emotional parts are what I notice.  They offers free classes on certain Saturdays where they teach how to strengthen your body.  They hold classes on certain Tuesdays and Thursdays, too, (free!!) where they talk about nutrition and all kinds of other cool body-related facts.  I've learned so much about my body and how to get it and keep it strong in the month I've been going.  And what a relief it is..... I highly recommend Dr. Jen to those with back pain and those who just want to improve their quality of life. -Megan R.


Dr. Jen is the best. I started going to her when I was experiencing some chronic neck and shoulder pain as a result of work stress. She helped me feel better and I was inspired to make changes to improve my overall well-being. Eventually I dragged my husband (life long skateboarder) in for an adjustment and he became a convert as well.Her office is mellow and relaxing. A welcome 15 min respite during your day and you leave feeling better for the visit. Highly recommended! -Mackay G.


In March I finally bit the bullet and went in for a consultation with Dr. Jennifer.  She instantly made me feel at ease and I began my treatment.  I went for a month and my foot pain vanished!  I love the holistic feel of the place and their new location is so relaxing.  If you want to go to a chiropractor where your overall physical, mental and spiritual health will be cared for then this is your place! Vicky G.



I was having neck and shoulder pain.  I have only been twice to see Dr. Jen Wilhelm, but I am no longer feeling the constant pain.  I feel like she is miracle worker, healer, generous, kind spirited professional who educates and encourages while giving adjustments.   I had a bad experience with a chiropractor once, so I was hesitant to go, but Dr. Jen put me at ease and has done wonders for my body.  She has great energy, a wonderful space, and you will surely benefit from her healing hands and energy.  I highly recommend her! -Michelle L.


If you're gonna go somewhere go here. She is quirky; I'm not into "blessing or "cleaning" auras or whatever but they also know what they're doing. I trust them. Plus do you want to get your back adjusted by anyone but a spiritual in touch hippie doctor? They are very down to earth and obviously highly educated.  Practical, kind, trustworthy. They are in this field because they want to help people. B.R.


I came to see Dr. Wilhelm on the recommendation of my yoga instructor after a hip injury just didn't seem to be going away on its own. I rarely see doctors and had only been to a chiropractor once in my life. I immediately liked her philosophy that the body will heal itself; she will assist in the process. At my first visit, I realized I was in for more than just treating a symptomatic problem. She moved from one area of my body to another, anticipating the spot that needed work. It was as if my body and her hands were having a conversation without a word being spoken. It was amazing. While it is true that my adjustments immediately started to help my body heal my hip, the overall experience was so much more. It was as if I was put back into my body. Like a lot of people, I suppose, I was surviving the fast pace of my life, including stress of parenting and work. I didn't even notice the skipped meals, lack of sleep, and go-go-go condition of my mind. When I got off the table after the first visit, the first sensation I remember was - I'm hungry!!!  My body was talking; and for the first time in a long time, I could hear what it was saying. I've gone from 2x a week, to weekly (and affordable!) adjustments. My hip pain is gone, but I'm still working on getting flexibility back; other problems surface, are addressed, and go away; and I'm so much more relaxed in my body. Dr. Wilhelm has helped my hip, but more importantly her healing hands, warm personality, and genuine concern about my over all health has completely changed my quality of life. -Teri A


Another 5 star review for this great place. It's like a cross between a spa and a Dr.'s office. The doctor's give you rest period between adjustments (which I find crucial for me) and it truly is a whole body experience. I had never been to a chiropractor before and had no interest in going. The idea of adjustments seemed archaic and scary. But after seeing Dr. Jen, I've learned so much about my own body and my chronic illnesses (fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and more) have vastly improved. Years of medication and physical therapy haven't done as much as this care + exercise. Who knew I'd become a believer?  -J.R.